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A cleaning company is an organization that specializes in providing professional cleaning and maintenance services. We offer a wide range of services for private and commercial clients, including cleaning of offices, houses, apartments, shops, restaurants, hotels, and other public places.
Cleaning company BROOM 
real professionals work. We are proud of our employees who provide a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Private house cleaning services provided


Window cleaning

We provide professional window cleaning for residential properties. This includes cleaning glass, frames, window sills and other elements of window structures.


Cleaning after renovation

After completion of construction or repair work, we carry out a comprehensive cleaning of construction dust, paint and other waste.


Dry cleaning of carpets and furniture

Services for dry cleaning of carpets, rugs and furniture, remove stains and refresh the appearance of upholstered furniture.


Maintenance cleaning

We provide regular residential cleaning services, including cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other areas.

Order cleaning from us and enjoy the cleanliness!

Who are we?

Our company was created to provide cleaning services that meet all the standards and norms inherent in highly qualified employees. Triss specialists undergo regular training and make sure that the services provided please customers with quality and affordability.
We use new professional equipment and proven detergents, the selection of which is carried out individually for each client. We want our customers to be satisfied with the results of cooperation, become regular customers and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We'll do the perfect job at an affordable price. We guarantee quality!
We work with individuals and legal entities. You can order cleaning in a cleaning company in just one click! Our organization is among the leaders in many ratings of cleaning companies. We have a lot of positive reviews on independent sites. Trusted by thousands of clients, Triss is one of the best!


Our cleaners are as punctual and responsible as possible, no delays. Devote time to yourself and your family while we do our job! The highest service quickly and efficiently.

We clean with professional cleaning products that fully meet safety requirements. High-quality, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly materials.

Our achievements


8+ years

Efficient work in the field of cleaning


57 people

The permanent staff of cleaners is 57 employees


4619 cleanings

In 2022, 4619 cleanings were carried out in cottages


58219 m²

Removed an area equal to 8 football fields in 2022


We employ more than 2,000 specialists. The Triss team is a carefully selected and trained staff. No worker is allowed to clean until they have completed an internship and training under the guidance of an experienced mentor.
We conduct 10 inspections of employees on average per month. The quality control department of our cleaning company carefully monitors that employees follow the established safety standards, instructions. Site inspections are carried out regularly.
Special training. Each employee of the cleaning company regularly undergoes prof. education. How to handle delicate materials, how to use equipment, how to clean up quickly, efficiently and efficiently.

Cottages and private houses provide a higher level of comfort than apartments that are limited in area and layout. But large spaces, the presence of non-residential and technological premises, stairs, storerooms, basements and attics turn cleaning into endless, routine work. Save yourself the hassle of having to choose between endless cleaning and chronic mess - order a professional cottage cleaning at Triss Cleaning Company.
We carry out maintenance, general, full cleaning. And also we put the house in order after construction and repair at an affordable price. You yourself set the time and frequency of cleaning. You can also choose additional services for chemical cleaning, grinding and watering floor coverings, stone and tiles, order cleaning of carpets and furniture, washing the facade of the house, individual interior and exterior items.
The cost of cleaning is determined after inspecting the object, and payment is made after the fact, after you accept and evaluate the work. We guarantee our services for 24 hours. If you are not satisfied, we will re-clean at our expense. We guarantee cleanliness and order!

Our employees are ready to leave right now!

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